Should I Move By Myself and How Can I Save On Moving?

Posted by Muhammad Waqas

“Nah, that’s easy, I can move things on my own” This is one of the most common statements made by people who want to move on their own and avoid hiring moving at any cost. While this could be their personal choice, it can be confusing points for those who want to work with a moving company because they have little to no idea about packing and moving stuff from their house or apartment and have enough stuff that they find it overwhelming to move without house movers in Dubai. If you have been advised at a point to move and relocate on your own instead of calling any experienced moving company in Dubai then this is something for you that you should read for a better idea.

Moving By Yourself

When it comes to moving all by yourself then there are certain things that you will have to keep in mind such as:

Gas Cost and Vehicle Rent

Let’s just say you didn’t call the villa movers in Dubai and now you have to move all by yourself. Assuming that you have packed the entire stuff (more or less) now you have to move from point “A” to”B”. Sounds convenient but you will have to add the cost of the gas as well in your moving. You will need to pay per mile, and once you are done, you will need to bring back the truck to the company as well. The more distant location has to move to, and then double the amount you will have to pay. Also, when you have to move your stuff you can consider calling at least another truck and another trip cost as well if you don’t want to hire another truck.

According to the Movers and Packers Dubai, people often underestimate their stuff while moving on their own and they don’t know how much they have to load until they start to pack. Let us not forget another day that you may require to move your entire stuff and this means you will need to retain the truck another day adding the cost of the vehicle and you will also have to pay the tolls while moving around the city.

Packing and Moving Material

CBD movers bring their packing material whenever they have to work, however, when you have to work all by yourself then you will need to opt for packing material and you will need to have a little extra because you will not want to run out of packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, and moving box. Add the cost of the packing, and material as well.

Getting Help!

Assuming that you don’t want to work with any service of packers and movers in Dubai, so you will have to rely on the friends and family members to help you in moving and in this case, don’t forget to add the cost of gifts that you will need to give them a gesture of gratitude and even before that, you will have to make sure they will come to you for help as well.

Damaging Your Stuff or You

Because you aren’t professional movers and packers in Dubai who is working on moving stuff daily so moving your stuff will also include the risk of damaging your stuff which can add more cost to your moving such as damaging a heavy and expansive sofa may either require partial repair and depending on the damage it may be un-repairable and same goes to heavy kitchen appliances such as refrigerator and cooking ranges that is most of the time hard to repair. Also, you can easily hurt yourself if you don’t know how to handle heavy furniture items or any especially items and it can be harder when you are living in an apartment which is why moving on your own can be rather risky.

Saving on Moving

Though moving can be costly there are some ways you can save such as:

Start an Assessment of Your Belongings

One of the major mistakes that add to the cost is that we often move with items that we rarely or don’t need at all. If you have some items that you will not use in the future simply donate them or sell them. However, you can take advantage of storage & warehousing services Dubai If you have items you may not need to use momentarily but may need to use in near future. It will not cost much and offer huge convenience. This is because a local move with items that you do not need’ will cost you more because you will be charged with the number of items you are moving by local movers if you haven’t got a good estimate and if you are moving to another city then you should consider more pricing than usual.

DIY Tasks

Yes, we talked about DIY moving but here we are talking about doing some important stuff that moving companies will not take any responsibility and they are mostly heavy and bulky items such as gym equipment, trampolines, or any outdoor heavy play sets if you have to move.  However, one of the best things to do is to disassemble them before calling any house movers in Dubai. You can palace them in the area of the house where you want them to be placed assembly and disassembly of such heavy items can save you a considerable amount of money in the end.

Final Words

Moving to a new location can be exciting but stressful as well. Moving on your own may not be a good idea when you don’t know how to pack and move stuff around. However, the help of our professional Dubai movers can help you to stay from such hassled tasks and make your moving possible in a single day. We encourage doing things by yourself but without experience and proper know-how of the equipment, you can make huge damages which is why working with professionals is always better.

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