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Packing is one of the most stressful parts of moving and almost everyone who has moved for once in their lives knows how the least glamorous part of moving from one place to another is packing. You will need to consider several things before you start your packing. If you haven’t contacted a professional movers and packers company then you are missing a huge deal of convenient moving. However, packing can be done on your own with the helping hands of the packing and unpacking services. Following are some of the basic checklists when it comes to packing and unpacking.

Moving Checklist

Packing can be a hassled experience especially when you have to manage a large number of belongings.

Always professional and experienced Movers And Packers Company so that professionals will move your items safely.

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The Basics

You must start your packing with the out-season items and then you must look for the things that you use very less frequently with the help of the local movers and packers company. Things that are your everyday usage should be eft for moving day. Next, you should empty the drawers for any breakable and spillable items for better and clean moving where nothing would be messed up. In your closet or bags, clothing items such as sweaters, lingerie, bath towels, and other similar soft items should be packed including blankets.

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Pack Similar Items

When you’re going to pack your belongings then you should pack similar things together. This simply means when you are going to pack your stuff for moving with the movers and packers company, then you will need to pack items that are similar such as china crockery should be in the box of crockery not in the box of steel items. This will increase the chances of breakage.

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Glassware, China & Silverware

Professional movers and packers company Dubai will come up with a dish pack that is double-wall, sturdy, and well-built cardboard pack that is specifically designed for glassware, china, and other fragile items that are less than 18 in size. Unless the packs you are going to use to pack the china are valuable, you can buy plenty of them from the selected movers and packers company in Dubai. You may also need transport service during this. Luxury ride Dubai may provide you best transport facility in Dubai or all over the UAE. 

To pack china, you must pack every piece of china in clean paper to pack in the carton. Use several pieces of wrapping paper diagonally tuck many of them to cover the china items in the carton. If you don’t have any wrapping papers then you can use multi-layers of newspaper to cover china items. A generous amount of wrapping paper or newspaper padding will be enough to secure the china items in the cartons and mark those cartons with the text “Fragile items- This Side Up”

Glassware and Flat China

If you have to pack flat china and other glass items then they will be perfect to be placed in the lower level of the packing container. Start by placing the packing material at the bottom of the carton. Wrap each piece individually in the bundle and wrap them with three layers of newspaper or wrapping paper. Place those bundles in a row in the cartons with the help of the movers and packers company’s professionals.

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Make sure you don’t leave any spaces in the cartons fill them with the crushed paper. You can also add up to 3 inches of the layer on the top of each row to create a base for the next row. To keep the layers in a row, you can also use the horizontal cardboard divider. With the saucers, smaller plates, and shallow bowls it is easier to make 2nd layer. You can wrap and pack the larger items in the cartoons in the same way.

Packing Cups

While the Dubai local movers and packers company are helping you, you can go for minicells or dish packs to pack china, you can wrap the cups individually, with the extra layer of paper, you can secure the handles of the cups and pack the cups upside down.

If you are using any cells or using dish packs then pack the cups above-mentioned methods in a double layer paper, place them upside down on rims in a row on the upper layer and make sure that the handles of the cups are facing the same direction, same should be done with the plates with the help of Dubai movers and packers company.

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Silver Items

Silver can be tarnish because of the air, so make sure that you are going to wrap the silver item in tissue paper along with the plastic wrapping. The fragile china items such as hollow dishes, cups and bowls should be packers like china as well.

Get help from the movers and packers company to wrap the Loose flatware as they should be wrapped individually or in groups in the clear plastic with tissues.

If you are going to use a chest to store the silverware, then you should wrap them according to the position of the chest. And again, no empty spaces should be left because of the fragile nature of silver items and they can get damaged while transferring to the moving trucks. You can use the movers from experienced movers and packers company in Dubai for better wrapping techniques as well.

Bases of Lamps

Lamps make your lounge look elegant and when it comes to moving the lamps first remove the bulbs and cover the base with wrapping paper or newspaper layers around. Wrap the bulb in the newspaper separately. For larger lamps, you can use paper lamps. Place the lamp pieces accordingly in the boxes and fill the empty spaces with empty papers and carry the carton in the truck of the moving services Dubai.

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These are some of the most fragile items in any house that require special skills to pack. If you arent sure about when and how to pack then rely on the skills of Dubai movers and packers company to get your fragile items packed and moved safe and secure to your destination hassle-free.

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